DO You Know Your History: Media History-The Movie

I was really enlightened by the movie “Media History” that I watched in my Intro
to Mass Communication class on Tuesday September 13, 2011. I really enjoyed how
the movie displayed where media was, and how it has evolved, and where it is

It’s interesting how, before writing evolved, oral culture   was the main means of communication.
Once writing finally evolved, that was an important means of communication for
business persons. Mass Communication is an important part of our society today;
however, it would not be as prominent if it were not for “wired communication” being establsihed, and adding more mass to mass communication.

Do you ever wonder what media would be like without “wired communication”? Just
ponder on that for a while. Without wired communication, technology would not be
as vast as it is now.

Media and communication have truly evolved into an immense aspect of society and our everyday lives. So
I say to my readers, brush up on your media history and look forward to its
future endeavors!

~Pier Jacobsen

By pierjacobsen


Hey there!!! I am Pier Jacobsen. I am a senior at Towson University. I love spending time with my family, friends, sports, reading, cooking, and watching televisions/movies. Looking forward to a successful and eventful senior year!

By pierjacobsen