Product Placement In Film

After learning about advertising as it pertains to product placement I have become more aware of viewing films from and advertising perspective. How often do you notice the various products strategically placed in films to boost profits for producers and products?











I decided to look at one of my new favorite movies Jumping the Broom. Jumping the Broom is a mere invitation to the marriage of Sabrina Watson and Jason Taylor who is without a doubt a perfect fairytalecouple. However, this doesn’t mean their families have the same persona. Sabrina’s family is the “Uptown” upper class family residing in Martha’s Vineyard. On the contrary, Jason’s family is the “Downtown” family from Brooklyn, New York. Sabrina is portrayed by the radiant Paula Patton and Jason by the strikingly handsome Laz Alonso.

The movie illuminates the courtship of Jason and Sabrina, and the events and preparation leading up to their wedding. However, if their families could just get along, this might turn out to be a perfect wedding.

Of course they do not get along at first, but once deep secrets are revealed both families are forced to face the truth and render their differences.

While paying very close attention to the movie, these are the products I saw placed in the film: Audi, Bank of America, Trader Joe’s, Louis Vuitton, Chevrolet, Lacoste, Moet, Polo, Mini Cooper, Jeep, and Range Rover.

I was asked, “What products, do I believe had the most success in being noticed and remembered by the audience”. I would have to say that Audi, Louis Vuitton, Moet, Polo Mini Cooper, and Range Rover were most successfully noticed. These products stood out most because they were placed and seen during very essential scenes of the film.

The producers chose all these products to mainly capture the attention of its most frequent consumers and to also boost its awareness to people who may not be familiar with these products. I also think these products were chosen because they represent a certain classy appeal to those wealthy and those aspiring to be wealthy. Even when seen in regular advertisements, the majority of these products represent sophistication.

So, the next time your watching  a movie, see if you can notice the strategic placement of products within it.

By pierjacobsen

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