Intern Queen Reins Over TU

I attended the Intern Queen Reins over TU forum with guest speaker Lauren Bergerthe intern queen”, On December 5, 2011. What an awesome and extremely motivating event it was; hosted by the Towson University PR Group! Ms. Berger, a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Business Communication, is “the” internship guru.

Walking up to the event, it was very inviting to have people greeting me to see if I and other bystanders were attending the illustrious event. Also to motivate me and others to attending they were announcing and giving out tickets to a special raffle that would happen immediately following Lauren’s motivational yet very informative speech.

This event was an informative forum with a speaker giving insight on obtaining internships, and the importance of experiencing them. The Intern Queen Reins Over TU event was located on the campus of Towson University in the Center for The Arts Main Stage Theater. Lauren main goal was to give tips on gaining your “dream” internship.  

A good trendy public relations strategy used to promote this event, by the TU PR group was the use of social networking site Twitter and Facebook. There were flyers posted as profile pictures for each TU PR Group officers and members on Facebook and there was also an event created that people could join and respond to. Also, on twitter there were posts about the event and specifically people were tweeting “#iqreinsovertu”, which became a trendy topic.   

From my perspective, the public relations strategies used to promote this event were effective and concise. The information and tactics was straight to the point and the flyers were eye-catching.

I’m already to search for my next internships! Are you?


By pierjacobsen

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