“From The Black Wood”

Being a person heavily into fashion, music, social media, and celebrities, my favorite mass media is EBONY magazine. Ebony magazine is reared by Johnson Publishing Company which is “committed to celebrating the rich Black American experience by creating products that inform, entertain, engage, and inspire” (Johnson Publishing Company).  Johnson Publishing Company is the preeminent publisher of EBONY magazine, which was founded in 1942 to by the late John H. Johnson.  

By operating trusted brands and delivering products of the highest quality that celebrate, inform, engage, entertain, inspire, and enhance the lives of people, (JPC) is committed to the vibrancy of Black culture. Johnson Publishing Company has a rich history and strong mass media entities that can take cross-promotion to the next level.

Another mass media that Johnson Publishing Company owns is Fashion Fair. Fashioned for women of color, by the late Eunice W. Johnson, Fashion Fair, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Publishing Company, took the risk that most cosmetics companies don’t by producing makeup for women with deeper skin tones. Fashion fair was instituted in 1973, being named after the EBONY Fashion Fair fashion show that inspired it. Ebony fashion fair is the world’s largest traveling fashion show.

My cross-promotional campaign will be to promote a radio show called “From the Black Wood”. “From the Black Wood” will cross promote EBONY magazine and Fashion Fair, both owned by Johnson Publishing Company.   From the Black Wood radio show will discuss topics such as: fashion, cosmetics, and insight into Black culture dialoging with its current black celebrities and the everyday Black entrepreneur.  The show will feature people who are featured in each months EBONY magazine, and various models and spokes person for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. The “From the Black Wood” radio show launching starting in Chicago, Illinois where EBONY and Fashion Fair are founded through Johnson Publishing Company will go into various Chicago communities promoting black cultural awareness and skin care.                      

The radio show will be an in-house operated radio station that continues to embody and promote the values and principles that its founders the late John & Eunice Johnson established many years ago. All radio donations and proceeds will be donated by Ebony & Fashion Fair to the John H. Johnson elementary charter school in Chicago.

By pierjacobsen

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