I’m Expecting a Utopian Society; What do you Expect?

Have you ever imagined how our world will evolve in the next five years, ten years, or even fifteen years? Try the next twenty-four years. I know it’s hard to sit and ponder on where you will be in five years, but twenty-four year; that’s epic! As a result of already living in a world and societies reared by information technologies, the world will increase better living through technology. http://blog.bltt.org/ .

The year 2035 brings excitement and curiosity to how the world will continue to evolve through technology. Our world will be reared in a society known as “utopian”. A utopian world is concisely a world of better living. We already social networks like Facebook, and Twitter which allows networking and contact from anywhere in the world. 2035 will bring the advancement of social networking merging with major search engines, and allowing the Internet browsing process to be more concise and even swifter.

As our world will continue to evolve, will see more science and technology advances than we experienced during the entire 20th century. The other aspect of technology evolving for the better is the advancement and establishment of more efficient robots. With the way technology is advancing rapidly, by the year 2035, we will be able to see more things brought to life through science and technology. Robots will increasingly take the place and roles of certain jobs and functions in society. Also, science will be so enhanced that people will try to escape death and live and be healthy as long as possible. Science will result in advanced cloning for people of major stature to be able to try to cheat death by cloning themselves. An example of this is depicted in the move “The Island”. In the Island the life is depicted in a Utopian facility.
It would be nice to have a Utopian society in 24 years, but it’s a scary thought to think about the possibility of a “dystopian” society as well. In a world with an overwhelming presence of technology, society may become depressed and feel like it are less valuable to the world than pieces of equipment which have to be charged every single night to work. Trust me; it’s a very sad thing to think about. How can, and how one who cannot afford these luxurious technologies will provide for their family. In the event one cannot support, how will society cope with these people? Just the thought of that leaves you anxious and optimistic.
In the year 2035, I will most likely be an honorable United States Air Force Officer veteran, motivational philanthropist, more successful entrepreneur enjoying retirement and the enjoyment of these same values and aspirations being exemplified through my children, and youth of the next generations to come. I can also see myself being some sort of teacher because I’ve always had a soft spot for teaching and working with children.

By pierjacobsen

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