“Media Consumption, aka…The Subconscious Addiction…”

So, here’s PartB of blog #2: As you know, from my earlier blog entry, “its Always Buzzing or
Ringing…”, I am blogging about my daily consumption of media. Well, in this
blog, I will do my best to depict my attempt of going without media consumption
for two consecutive days.

Imagine yourself walking across your busy college campus, in a hurry, because you’re
not sure what time it is, because you haven’t worn your watch in a while, because
you depend on your Iphone, computer, iPod, and television. Well today is your
first day without your phone and any other form of technology, because you’re
trying to see what your everyday life would be like without the key pieces of
technology in our everyday lives; try 2 days without it…

Can you stand the heat, or will you succumb to the burning “consumption” of media? Let see how I did!

Oh my! Trying to go without media for two straight days was a rough task, and not very successful
task. Sunday, September 25, 2011, & Monday, September 26, 2011, were two
stressful days. Who would have thought that a day, let alone and hour, without
media consumption was a tough task.

Well it was a tough task for me! The most time I spent without media, was The two hours I
spent at church, on Sunday. However, I was able to go without media for other
times, within in my 2 day span. Can I specifically tell you those instances?
Not at all!

The hardest part of it all, was that I totally subconsciously  kept forgetting that I  to go without
media, because It’s apart of my everyday life. I didn’t cry or crack under
pressure, I just kept forgetting. This was definitely an involuntary mistake.

There were a few disadvantages, to having to go without media for two days straight.
For one, I work a job, where my manager only for of contact with me is either
through a text message, or phone call. Second, my parents, like to hear from me
to see how I’m doing. Last, but not least, the major disadvantage of all, is
that everything for my four college course revolve around using the internet. A
day without my technology would have caused me to begin to fall behind in my
coursework. That definitely wasn’t happening! So, of course I logged on to my
blackboard, and check emails from my phone. This would definitely be considered
voluntary exposure to media.

However, the one advantage I have enjoyed about not responding to any piece of technology,
was peace of mind. When I wasn’t watching television, or on my phone, or
laptop; which are my main media consumptions, my brain was able to just relax.

I wasn’t very successful in avoiding media. Even when punished as a child, I found away to
watch television, because I just couldn’t go without it. Watching television
really relaxes me, and helps me to wind down from my day.

I definitely see, that my media habits, are pretty bad, and need be adjusted in some instances,
however, society now revolves, and will continue to revolve around media consumption. So, I guess you
can say that I’m keeping up with society, and preparing for the future. If that makes me an over consumer of media, that’s okay, because I’m not the only guilty one.

So, did you imagine your life without media…? Clearly you didn’t do the best of job, if you’re reading this! LOL



By pierjacobsen

Blog #2: (A) “It’s Always Buzzing or Ringing…”

      Buzz! Chirp! Ring, Ring! Imagine yourself constantly consumed by technology. Is it good or bad? Just ponder on that for a while…

     For my mass communications 101 class, I had to go keep an hour-by-hour daily schedule for two consecutive days of all the media I consumed and was exposed too. Needless to say, my schedule is pretty demanding and it was pretty hard trying to keep up with an hour-by-hour diary.

     On Friday,September 23, 2011, I consumed a day full of media. From the time my eyes open, my day begins with media consumption.  It starts with my cell phone alarm going off at 9:30 am to wake me up and start getting ready for class.  I also usually still have my television on, because I fall asleep with it on. I know, I know, I’m a victim intense media consumption.

     My cell phone alerted me when it was time to catch my shuttle to class, and what time class would be starting, all while listening to my iPod at the same time and checking Facebook. Hey, what can I say, “I’m good at multitasking”!

     You can basically say, every hour, I’m on my cell phone either texting, checking the time, my calendar, emails, or listening to my iPod. Since I have an Iphone, I can do some of these actions simultaneously.

    Day 2, September 24, 2011, was pretty much the same. My world revolves around media. I woke up to my phones alarm once again. Shortly
after waking up, I received a call from my cosmetologist confirming my hair appointment. While driving, I listen to my iPod and the radio, alternating between both. I also watched television and listen to the commercials for my entire time at the hair salon.

     Let’s just say, I had a pretty major need and addiction to media consumption. I was really surprised at how much time in a day I spend on
my cell phone. I very seldom put it down. The only time I’m usually not on it, is if I’m in class. Clearly my learning about the world, takes place through technology, whether it be texting, watching television, emails, or through social networking sites; its apart of my everyday life. Is it apart of yours?

By pierjacobsen

DO You Know Your History: Media History-The Movie

I was really enlightened by the movie “Media History” that I watched in my Intro
to Mass Communication class on Tuesday September 13, 2011. I really enjoyed how
the movie displayed where media was, and how it has evolved, and where it is

It’s interesting how, before writing evolved, oral culture   was the main means of communication.
Once writing finally evolved, that was an important means of communication for
business persons. Mass Communication is an important part of our society today;
however, it would not be as prominent if it were not for “wired communication” being establsihed, and adding more mass to mass communication.

Do you ever wonder what media would be like without “wired communication”? Just
ponder on that for a while. Without wired communication, technology would not be
as vast as it is now.

Media and communication have truly evolved into an immense aspect of society and our everyday lives. So
I say to my readers, brush up on your media history and look forward to its
future endeavors!

~Pier Jacobsen

By pierjacobsen


Hey there!!! I am Pier Jacobsen. I am a senior at Towson University. I love spending time with my family, friends, sports, reading, cooking, and watching televisions/movies. Looking forward to a successful and eventful senior year!

By pierjacobsen