Kate Winslet Libel Lawsuit

Did She Lie About Her Personal Regime for Publicity? No! Back in 2009, actress Kate Winslet won the case for the lawsuit she filed the previous year against London’s “Daily Mail” newspaper. Ms. Winslet was represented by Schillings London law firm.  

“In order to protect her reputation and defend her own integrity surrounding body/weight issues Miss Winslet took legal action by issuing libel proceedings against Associated Newspapers, the publishers of the Daily Mail” (Click Press).Winslet sued the Daily Mail newspaper for falsely accusing her of lying about her daily exercise regimen.

According to US Weekly magazine, “In May, the Oscar winner filed legal papers in response to a January article entitled “Should Kate Winslet win an Oscar for the world’s most irritating actress?” which she said “hurt and embarrassed” her” (US Weekly). “The piece — which also featured naked photos of the star — took aim at a quote Winslet had given to Elle magazine, in which she described her workouts: “I don’t go to the gym because I don’t have time, but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home” (US Weekly).

Ms. Winslet reported to be embarrassed and distressed by the report, also allegedly suggesting that it harmed her professional and personal reputations. “The offending article, headlined “Should Kate Winslet win an Oscar for the world’s most irritating actress?” was printed in January” (BBC News). The article was also accompanied by various naked photos of Winslet from earlier movies.

This was an appalling occurrence, because Winslet had also won an Oscar the same year for “The Reader”. One of the main reason’s Winslet went along with the lawsuit is because she said the published article was “misleading to the public”.

Kate Winslet was not present for the hearing, however, the judge ruled in Winslet favor, awarding her about twenty-five thousand British pounds, which converts to about forty-thousand American dollars. The Daily Mail newspaper agreed to pay Ms. Winslet court costs, damages, and to publish an apology.  

News media could begin to face implications on other articles and statements published about celebrities as it pertains to media laws. This causes reporters to be mindful about their perception of a particular issue and what they write based on their interviewing and research.

I feel that the courts did the right thing in awarding Kate Winslet for the false accusation published in the article. The media needs to stay aware of celebrity’s personal opinions, feelings, and aspects of their daily lives, in the event they do not, they should be some type of consequences.

Kate Winslet wins libel case against Daily Mail

By pierjacobsen

Product Placement In Film

After learning about advertising as it pertains to product placement I have become more aware of viewing films from and advertising perspective. How often do you notice the various products strategically placed in films to boost profits for producers and products?











I decided to look at one of my new favorite movies Jumping the Broom. Jumping the Broom is a mere invitation to the marriage of Sabrina Watson and Jason Taylor who is without a doubt a perfect fairytalecouple. However, this doesn’t mean their families have the same persona. Sabrina’s family is the “Uptown” upper class family residing in Martha’s Vineyard. On the contrary, Jason’s family is the “Downtown” family from Brooklyn, New York. Sabrina is portrayed by the radiant Paula Patton and Jason by the strikingly handsome Laz Alonso.

The movie illuminates the courtship of Jason and Sabrina, and the events and preparation leading up to their wedding. However, if their families could just get along, this might turn out to be a perfect wedding.

Of course they do not get along at first, but once deep secrets are revealed both families are forced to face the truth and render their differences.

While paying very close attention to the movie, these are the products I saw placed in the film: Audi, Bank of America, Trader Joe’s, Louis Vuitton, Chevrolet, Lacoste, Moet, Polo, Mini Cooper, Jeep, and Range Rover.

I was asked, “What products, do I believe had the most success in being noticed and remembered by the audience”. I would have to say that Audi, Louis Vuitton, Moet, Polo Mini Cooper, and Range Rover were most successfully noticed. These products stood out most because they were placed and seen during very essential scenes of the film.

The producers chose all these products to mainly capture the attention of its most frequent consumers and to also boost its awareness to people who may not be familiar with these products. I also think these products were chosen because they represent a certain classy appeal to those wealthy and those aspiring to be wealthy. Even when seen in regular advertisements, the majority of these products represent sophistication.

So, the next time your watching  a movie, see if you can notice the strategic placement of products within it.

By pierjacobsen

Gifted Hands

When I sit and ponder on all the books I’ve read throughout my twenty years of living, I can’t help but think of the book Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, which at an early age made a significant difference in my life.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is novel written by the world-renowned Dr. Benjamin S. Carson Sr. For those readers who may not know, Dr. Carson is a full professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics. Dr. Carson is now the Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D. and Dr. Evelyn Spiro, R.N. Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery. Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is an autobiography of Dr. Ben Carson. 

I was first introduced to this book when I was in the fourth grade. I attended H.O.P.E. Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, and at the time, I  was erollend in the extra credit Bridges Program, which was sponsored by and held at The St. Paul’s School for Boys & St. Paul’s School for Girls campus. My first required reading for the winter session was “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. Who would have thought that this book would hold such significance and motivation? My mother, who had previously read the book eagerly, purchased it for me.

Thinking back on the discussions we had after reading the book, the most important theme that recurred was “education” and the importance of it, and its value. Dr. Carson’s mother was a stickler when it pertained to education. We discussed how the lessons and values Mrs. Carson taught her two sons could be applied to or lives.

     Gifted Hands changed my mindset on aspiring to put forth great effort while pursing my education. It also taught me the importance of hard work, sacrifice and dedication when applying myself to my education.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson story can be purchased here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gifted-hands-ben-carson/1100055547

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Intern Queen Reins Over TU

I attended the Intern Queen Reins over TU forum with guest speaker Lauren Bergerthe intern queen”, On December 5, 2011. What an awesome and extremely motivating event it was; hosted by the Towson University PR Group! Ms. Berger, a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Business Communication, is “the” internship guru.

Walking up to the event, it was very inviting to have people greeting me to see if I and other bystanders were attending the illustrious event. Also to motivate me and others to attending they were announcing and giving out tickets to a special raffle that would happen immediately following Lauren’s motivational yet very informative speech.

This event was an informative forum with a speaker giving insight on obtaining internships, and the importance of experiencing them. The Intern Queen Reins Over TU event was located on the campus of Towson University in the Center for The Arts Main Stage Theater. Lauren main goal was to give tips on gaining your “dream” internship.  

A good trendy public relations strategy used to promote this event, by the TU PR group was the use of social networking site Twitter and Facebook. There were flyers posted as profile pictures for each TU PR Group officers and members on Facebook and there was also an event created that people could join and respond to. Also, on twitter there were posts about the event and specifically people were tweeting “#iqreinsovertu”, which became a trendy topic.   

From my perspective, the public relations strategies used to promote this event were effective and concise. The information and tactics was straight to the point and the flyers were eye-catching.

I’m already to search for my next internships! Are you?


By pierjacobsen

“From The Black Wood”

Being a person heavily into fashion, music, social media, and celebrities, my favorite mass media is EBONY magazine. Ebony magazine is reared by Johnson Publishing Company which is “committed to celebrating the rich Black American experience by creating products that inform, entertain, engage, and inspire” (Johnson Publishing Company).  Johnson Publishing Company is the preeminent publisher of EBONY magazine, which was founded in 1942 to by the late John H. Johnson.  

By operating trusted brands and delivering products of the highest quality that celebrate, inform, engage, entertain, inspire, and enhance the lives of people, (JPC) is committed to the vibrancy of Black culture. Johnson Publishing Company has a rich history and strong mass media entities that can take cross-promotion to the next level.

Another mass media that Johnson Publishing Company owns is Fashion Fair. Fashioned for women of color, by the late Eunice W. Johnson, Fashion Fair, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Publishing Company, took the risk that most cosmetics companies don’t by producing makeup for women with deeper skin tones. Fashion fair was instituted in 1973, being named after the EBONY Fashion Fair fashion show that inspired it. Ebony fashion fair is the world’s largest traveling fashion show.

My cross-promotional campaign will be to promote a radio show called “From the Black Wood”. “From the Black Wood” will cross promote EBONY magazine and Fashion Fair, both owned by Johnson Publishing Company.   From the Black Wood radio show will discuss topics such as: fashion, cosmetics, and insight into Black culture dialoging with its current black celebrities and the everyday Black entrepreneur.  The show will feature people who are featured in each months EBONY magazine, and various models and spokes person for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. The “From the Black Wood” radio show launching starting in Chicago, Illinois where EBONY and Fashion Fair are founded through Johnson Publishing Company will go into various Chicago communities promoting black cultural awareness and skin care.                      

The radio show will be an in-house operated radio station that continues to embody and promote the values and principles that its founders the late John & Eunice Johnson established many years ago. All radio donations and proceeds will be donated by Ebony & Fashion Fair to the John H. Johnson elementary charter school in Chicago.

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” Fashion Blogs 3 x the Charm”

Throughout my entire life, from the time I was born,
I have always had a passion for “fashion“.

I decided to take that passion to next level and start my clothing line called TYE which stands for “Talented Young Entrepreneur”. However, from time to time, I like to keep up with current fashions on various blog sites. Today’s blog will elaborate on three of many blogs that I view to gain insight and keep up with society’s point of view on the fashion industry.

The Fashion Bomb   daily blog site really catches my eye when it comes to fashion from an urban
perspective. The purpose of the Fashion Bomb blog site, which was written by fashion
journalist Claire Sulmers in 2006, is to” provide daily doses of chic to stylistas of color” (The Fashion Bomb).


The web’s number one destination or urban fashion is “The Fashion Bomb”.  With Claire having an interest for style and writing, she decided to create a fashion blog for sassy, making it the number one destination. Claire’s idea was carefully crafted after recognizing a lack of online sources and few in print for urban fashion.  Claire has been interviewed as a style expert and trendsetter for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and  Time Magazine, just to name a few; Ms. Sulmers has even been a contributor for Essence and Italian Vogue. The Fashion bomb is news, with a combination of personal diary. For those connoisseurs of contemporary style, the Fashion Bomb seeks to be a global online destination for them now incorporating several contributors. The fashion bombs audience caters to those people who are connoisseurs of the urban fashion style.

The second eye-catching blog that captures my essence of style in fashion is that of Couture in
the City
. Couture in the City is a blog site, focusing on the latest in fashion designers, beauty, celebrity style, trends, what to wear and how-to solutions. The editor and chief of Couture in the City is Angelique.  

Having a style classified as casual, classic, and rocker chic, and lately adapting to color, Angelique’s style revolves around the mood she’s in. The purpose of Couture in the City blog is for women like Angelique to be able to find some of the latest must have items of the season or steal a look of a celebrity and get it for a whole lot less.  This blogging site is definitely personal diary with inserts of news on fashion reaching an audience of everyday
women looking for a reasonable way to be fashionable.

Last but not least, my third eye-catching blog is “KLS” by Kimora Lee Simmons.

Mrs. Simmons and the entire Simmons family are major moguls, and pioneers of the fashion and hip hop industry. They are my all-time top favorite celebrity family! Kimora Lee Simmons is one of “the top hardest working” mothers in Hollywood, according to Forbes magazine. KLS give insight on the life of Kimora Lee Simmons, and her “Life in the Fab Lane” and perspective on fashion. I would say that this blog is a combination of her personal diary and celebrity news. KLS audience is majorly fans of Mrs. Simmons in the teen, young adult and adult women age groups.                                                            

How do the three bloggers differ? The three bloggers, which I have chosen differ in age, profession, and
celebrity stature to the everyday person.  I have chosen a blogger who is a fashion journalist, one is an everyday person with a passion for fashion like myself, and then a celebrity fashion designer, model, and fashion icon. I would have to say that out of the three, I prefer the celebrity! Reading her blogs and keeping up with her shows and family just gives you so much insight into the fashion industry and aspirations to mold your family into a dynamic family of entrepreneurs as the Simmons are.

If I were to continue blogging beyond this point, my content would consist of fashion, music, celebrities, and
everyday struggles of college student aspiring to better themselves through their education. The style would be very classic yet chic, with and urban casual feel, allowing interactivity with followers, and seeking contributions
from other fellow bloggers.

By pierjacobsen

I’m Expecting a Utopian Society; What do you Expect?

Have you ever imagined how our world will evolve in the next five years, ten years, or even fifteen years? Try the next twenty-four years. I know it’s hard to sit and ponder on where you will be in five years, but twenty-four year; that’s epic! As a result of already living in a world and societies reared by information technologies, the world will increase better living through technology. http://blog.bltt.org/ .

The year 2035 brings excitement and curiosity to how the world will continue to evolve through technology. Our world will be reared in a society known as “utopian”. A utopian world is concisely a world of better living. We already social networks like Facebook, and Twitter which allows networking and contact from anywhere in the world. 2035 will bring the advancement of social networking merging with major search engines, and allowing the Internet browsing process to be more concise and even swifter.

As our world will continue to evolve, will see more science and technology advances than we experienced during the entire 20th century. The other aspect of technology evolving for the better is the advancement and establishment of more efficient robots. With the way technology is advancing rapidly, by the year 2035, we will be able to see more things brought to life through science and technology. Robots will increasingly take the place and roles of certain jobs and functions in society. Also, science will be so enhanced that people will try to escape death and live and be healthy as long as possible. Science will result in advanced cloning for people of major stature to be able to try to cheat death by cloning themselves. An example of this is depicted in the move “The Island”. In the Island the life is depicted in a Utopian facility.
It would be nice to have a Utopian society in 24 years, but it’s a scary thought to think about the possibility of a “dystopian” society as well. In a world with an overwhelming presence of technology, society may become depressed and feel like it are less valuable to the world than pieces of equipment which have to be charged every single night to work. Trust me; it’s a very sad thing to think about. How can, and how one who cannot afford these luxurious technologies will provide for their family. In the event one cannot support, how will society cope with these people? Just the thought of that leaves you anxious and optimistic.
In the year 2035, I will most likely be an honorable United States Air Force Officer veteran, motivational philanthropist, more successful entrepreneur enjoying retirement and the enjoyment of these same values and aspirations being exemplified through my children, and youth of the next generations to come. I can also see myself being some sort of teacher because I’ve always had a soft spot for teaching and working with children.

By pierjacobsen

“Media Consumption, aka…The Subconscious Addiction…”

So, here’s PartB of blog #2: As you know, from my earlier blog entry, “its Always Buzzing or
Ringing…”, I am blogging about my daily consumption of media. Well, in this
blog, I will do my best to depict my attempt of going without media consumption
for two consecutive days.

Imagine yourself walking across your busy college campus, in a hurry, because you’re
not sure what time it is, because you haven’t worn your watch in a while, because
you depend on your Iphone, computer, iPod, and television. Well today is your
first day without your phone and any other form of technology, because you’re
trying to see what your everyday life would be like without the key pieces of
technology in our everyday lives; try 2 days without it…

Can you stand the heat, or will you succumb to the burning “consumption” of media? Let see how I did!

Oh my! Trying to go without media for two straight days was a rough task, and not very successful
task. Sunday, September 25, 2011, & Monday, September 26, 2011, were two
stressful days. Who would have thought that a day, let alone and hour, without
media consumption was a tough task.

Well it was a tough task for me! The most time I spent without media, was The two hours I
spent at church, on Sunday. However, I was able to go without media for other
times, within in my 2 day span. Can I specifically tell you those instances?
Not at all!

The hardest part of it all, was that I totally subconsciously  kept forgetting that I  to go without
media, because It’s apart of my everyday life. I didn’t cry or crack under
pressure, I just kept forgetting. This was definitely an involuntary mistake.

There were a few disadvantages, to having to go without media for two days straight.
For one, I work a job, where my manager only for of contact with me is either
through a text message, or phone call. Second, my parents, like to hear from me
to see how I’m doing. Last, but not least, the major disadvantage of all, is
that everything for my four college course revolve around using the internet. A
day without my technology would have caused me to begin to fall behind in my
coursework. That definitely wasn’t happening! So, of course I logged on to my
blackboard, and check emails from my phone. This would definitely be considered
voluntary exposure to media.

However, the one advantage I have enjoyed about not responding to any piece of technology,
was peace of mind. When I wasn’t watching television, or on my phone, or
laptop; which are my main media consumptions, my brain was able to just relax.

I wasn’t very successful in avoiding media. Even when punished as a child, I found away to
watch television, because I just couldn’t go without it. Watching television
really relaxes me, and helps me to wind down from my day.

I definitely see, that my media habits, are pretty bad, and need be adjusted in some instances,
however, society now revolves, and will continue to revolve around media consumption. So, I guess you
can say that I’m keeping up with society, and preparing for the future. If that makes me an over consumer of media, that’s okay, because I’m not the only guilty one.

So, did you imagine your life without media…? Clearly you didn’t do the best of job, if you’re reading this! LOL



By pierjacobsen

Blog #2: (A) “It’s Always Buzzing or Ringing…”

      Buzz! Chirp! Ring, Ring! Imagine yourself constantly consumed by technology. Is it good or bad? Just ponder on that for a while…

     For my mass communications 101 class, I had to go keep an hour-by-hour daily schedule for two consecutive days of all the media I consumed and was exposed too. Needless to say, my schedule is pretty demanding and it was pretty hard trying to keep up with an hour-by-hour diary.

     On Friday,September 23, 2011, I consumed a day full of media. From the time my eyes open, my day begins with media consumption.  It starts with my cell phone alarm going off at 9:30 am to wake me up and start getting ready for class.  I also usually still have my television on, because I fall asleep with it on. I know, I know, I’m a victim intense media consumption.

     My cell phone alerted me when it was time to catch my shuttle to class, and what time class would be starting, all while listening to my iPod at the same time and checking Facebook. Hey, what can I say, “I’m good at multitasking”!

     You can basically say, every hour, I’m on my cell phone either texting, checking the time, my calendar, emails, or listening to my iPod. Since I have an Iphone, I can do some of these actions simultaneously.

    Day 2, September 24, 2011, was pretty much the same. My world revolves around media. I woke up to my phones alarm once again. Shortly
after waking up, I received a call from my cosmetologist confirming my hair appointment. While driving, I listen to my iPod and the radio, alternating between both. I also watched television and listen to the commercials for my entire time at the hair salon.

     Let’s just say, I had a pretty major need and addiction to media consumption. I was really surprised at how much time in a day I spend on
my cell phone. I very seldom put it down. The only time I’m usually not on it, is if I’m in class. Clearly my learning about the world, takes place through technology, whether it be texting, watching television, emails, or through social networking sites; its apart of my everyday life. Is it apart of yours?

By pierjacobsen